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Will Aarfie create or customise my web space content?

Aarfie’s customisation services do not extend to the creation or maintenance of any web space content for which in-built tools are provided, e.g. body copy, slide shows, column set up, etc. Driving you to master the use of these tools is what we are all about.

By becoming familiar with your web space tools you will save yourself from the headache of frequent HTML editing, the delays of planned content changes or the significant ongoing cost of having Aarfie or other developers perform your updates. This also allows you to keep your site more personal, relevant and active; a vital step in generating new visitors and keeping your existing ones coming back.

Our support articles walk you through every step of working with your web space and have allowed even our least web-experienced customers to easily create rich and unique content.

If you run into any issues using your web space, you can contact Aarfie Support directly with a query.

Last Modified: 9th May, 2011