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Why should I move my site to the Aarfie Platform?

Aarfie is more than just a hosting solution. By moving to the Aarfie Platform you effectively hand over the technical work of maintaining your domain, server and e-mails to Aarfie and rid yourself of the numerous, and often convoluted, domain controls provided by typical hosting providers.

Think of standard hosting as a box of parts that you assemble into a car and maintain yourself. The Aarfie Platform provides the car ready to go with a team that maintains its optimum performance for you; all you need to do is get in and drive.

On the Aarfie Platform your site is ready to go, with all of the tools you require for a successful web space activated. The Aarfie team manages installation and upgrade of software and hardware in the background, and is committed to incorporating the latest and best technology into the platform.

Other Hosting Aarfie Platform
starts with an empty domain requiring software installation and site development to achieve a working site starts with a live working site requiring only the addition of your unique content via easy to use web-based controls
requires you to find and install tools to achieve advanced content management, dynamic SEO, site analytics and other essential functions for your site essential and powerful functions are built in to the platform and ready to go when you take control of your site
your site’s functionality and control is limited to the default or you are left to work out how to modify your site to suit your needs your site’s functionality and control is tailored to your needs, and the Aarfie team remains available to modify your site’s controls if your requirements change
managed via excessive control panels often complicated / messy and including elements to upsell options and services human managed domains – no domain or hosting controls to worry about – ideal setup and reliability is ensured
high-volume, highly diverse customer base with designed-for-all packages; automated account setup, control and support systems, often devoid of any human contact low-volume, focused customer base with human managed setup, control and support; the person you correspond with during your account set up is a contact you can keep for future enquiries
aiming for an ever-expanding customer base, spreading the maximum number of accounts over the minimum of resources aiming for an ideal-sized, like-minded hosted community with a focus on improving resources to ensure consistent reliability, performance and success for all
a bulk shared server is more likely to have problems with attacks and abuse leading to account restrictions, availability issues, email blacklisting, etc. human management and manual account set up makes our shared environment far less susceptible to attacks and ensures functionality is not hindered by shared security restrictions
for marketing purposes, offers a high / unlimited number of features which you will never use focuses on features you need and the highest level of quality rather than quantity
server quality, location and network infrastructure is often undefined and inconsistent – support is often automated or outsourced uses local Tier-1 (top level of reach), 99.9% uptime network, 24/7 monitored data centers with acclaimed reliability and support – commercial grade Dell servers with multiple levels of redundancy

Last Modified: 29th December, 2010