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Why does Aarfie only design web sites for their own platform?

If your project requires a web site, Aarfie will design and install it on the Aarfie Platform. We do not design and install web sites to be hosted elsewhere or built upon other platforms.

We continue to develop and focus only on the Aarfie Platform for the following reasons:

  • The Aarfie Platform allows us to provide our customers with the high-end features described in the Why Aarfie? feature list and the Why should I move my site to the Aarfie Platform? support article.
  • Installing our customer’s sites on the Aarfie Platform allows us to provide them the best support as well as the most optimum site performance and security.
  • Development of the Aarfie Platform is centered around the highest level of usability; providing powerful tools that can be controlled by the most inexperienced web site owner.
  • We work more efficiently developing on our own platform and by avoiding dealing with 3rd party slower, outdated or overcrowded servers or the often convoluted controls attached to them. This results in lower project costs, shorter project schedules, reduced support issues and swifter support response.
  • The Aarfie Platform provides a clean and tailored admin area for the easiest customer control of web site content and functionality. We relieve our customers from learning and maintaining domain and hosting controls, allowing them more time to focus on content.
  • We relieve our customers from maintaining updates or installation of plugins / addons. Aarfie manages platform updates ensuring the latest security and performance improvements are applied to all sites on the platform.
  • Aarfie has hand-built all major custom functionality directly into the platform, removing the need for third-party add-ons. The Aarfie Platform offers powerful tools that are tailored specifically to our customers and developed and supported directly by Aarfie. If new functionality is needed, we custom build it into the platform as required, resulting in a flexibility that is unmatched by other platforms.
  • We have a strong passion for the continuing improvement of our core software and hardware, and the platform allows us to roll out every improvement we make to all customers.

Last Modified: 29th December, 2010