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What you should know about Aarfie before working with us

We created Aarfie as a means to do what we love doing; design, code and work with great people. We’re not out to conquer the world. We enjoy being a small and passionate group; continually striving to make our products more powerful, more approachable and easier to use.

We focus on creating solutions that bring success and joy to our customers, as we believe strongly that the work of individuals and small businesses is invaluable and that their goals should be better supported. Our customers are like us; relaxed, positive people that are excited about their next project.

We feel our General Work Policies provide a good idea of the guidelines we have set for ourselves to keep our customers happy and keep Aarfie running the way we want it to.

These General Work Policies are an excerpt of Aarfie’s Policies:

AARFIE adheres to the following general work policies to maintain an efficient, low-cost and fun working environment. The following is not intended to be an exhaustive / complete list of OUR general work policies, but rather a summary of the particular work policies that may be considered non-standard and/or impact the manner in which WE deliver THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES.


Web Sites

Where custom projects require a web site, AARFIE will design and install it on the Aarfie Platform. WE do not design and install web sites to be hosted elsewhere or built upon other platforms.

WE may offer design-services-only for web sites hosted elsewhere. In this case, a 3rd party would be required to code OUR design for YOUR web site / platform.

Web Stores

Where custom projects require a web store, AARFIE will design and install it on the Big Cartel platform. WE do not design and install web stores to be hosted elsewhere or built upon other platforms.

WE may offer design-services-only for web stores hosted elsewhere. In this case, a 3rd party would be required to code OUR design for YOUR web store / platform.

High Priority or Rush Projects

WE do not adjust OUR work schedule or resources to accommodate “high priority” or “rush” projects. OUR quoted and actual schedules are set and maintained independently of any CUSTOMER or 3rd party timing requirements. Should a CUSTOMER have strong feelings regarding the urgency of their project, then WE do not recommend AARFIE’s PRODUCTS/SERVICES. Furthermore, AARFIE reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the quotation or project process if such urgency results in the placement of unreasonable requests upon AARFIE.

OUR best efforts are devoted to meeting quoted schedules, however AARFIE does not guarantee project delivery – refer to Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability and Indemnity policies herein for more information.


AARFIE runs without phones and it runs well. WE are an internet company and WE believe strongly in the internet as a superior global communication tool. This key business approach plays a major role in allowing OUR small team to,

  • Maintain scheduling for existing projects and new enquiries
  • Maintain record keeping for all correspondence
  • Accurately contain project cost
  • Provide greatly reduced project pricing
  • Work internationally, independent of time zones

AARFIE does not attend meetings, either in person or online, for the purpose of delivering THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES. Generally for the same reasons WE run without phones.

Adobe Flash Animation

AARFIE does not work with or use Adobe Flash. Flash is a proprietary platform used to add animation to web pages. Flash is not conducive to the level of SEO, standards-compliance, performance, security, user experience, content management, longevity and browser device compatibility that AARFIE strives for. AARFIE uses the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript methods to achieve animation. WE strictly avoid animated items that delay or hinder the user interface; such animation conflicts with OUR core design approach.

AARFIE does not do Print or Logo work. WE are completely focused on web design and development and therefore do not design for print. WE do not design logos. If YOU do not have a logo WE will stylise text and supporting graphics to create a memorable identity in tune with YOUR new web design.

Large Business/Organisation, Corporate or Collaborative Projects

AARFIE does not engage in Large Business/Organisation, Corporate or Collaborative Projects. We focus on dealing directly with small businesses and individuals. It’s what WE love doing the most. Large Business/Organisation, Corporate or Collaborative projects are not within our scope.

Browser Compatibility

THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES are validated and tested on current and common web browsers, with particular focus on web browsers that actively strive to support the latest coding standards (e.g. Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox). AARFIE passionately encourages the use of such browsers as part of our efforts to move web standards forward in general.

Regardless of the extent of our testing, AARFIE does not warrant that THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES shall work as intended in all web browsers – refer to Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability and Indemnity policies herein for more information.

AARFIE does not test THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES on significantly out of date browsers. Generally WE focus on the current version number of any web browser used for testing, but may also include the previous version number if the current version is a new release. We do this for the following reasons:

  • For The User: Removing support for browsers that are many years old encourages upgrading. Upgrading to a current browser is FREE, takes only a moment of time and greatly improves the security, speed and experience of the user’s future web browsing.
  • For The Web: Countless hours have been spent on customising and compromising web site designs to ensure they are compatible with out of date browser software, simply because the browser users are unaware of why they should upgrade. WE prefer to bring this issue to light rather than fudge web design and leave the user oblivious. If WE can all upgrade to current browser software, all those wasted hours can be spent on further advancing the web in general.
Your Content

AARFIE does not create or maintain YOUR CONTENT. Providing YOU with the tools to easily do this yourself is what WE are all about. This extends to the creation of content during the development of YOUR project; should excessive content creation be required (the classification of which is to AARFIE’s sole and absolute discretion and/or judgment) during project development AARFIE reserves the right to apply variations as allowed by THE POLICIES.

Last Modified: 2nd June, 2011