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What is the Site Plan?

The Site Plan provides the foundation for a web site on the Aarfie Platform. The Site Plan includes all of the features of the Domain Plan plus complete content management controls.

When a Site Plan is required for your solution, you will either be prompted to set up the plan or an Aarfie team member will get in touch with you to arrange set up.


Site Plan
Domain and hosting management: we control all the technical stuff, providing you with the easiest way to own a domain or web site – always up to date, optimised and secure without lifting a finger.
Domain registration (if a new domain is required) or integration with an already registered domain.
DNS as needed, e.g. we convert http://sitename.bigcartel.com to http://shop.sitename.com for you.
Up to 9 @sitename.com e-mail accounts with 7.5GB storage per account.
Web-mail, desktop and mobile device e-mail access.
E-mail account management; Aarfie Support manages and creates your e-mail accounts as needed.
Google Apps at your domain; create and share documents, calendars and more with your domain users and the public.
Google Analytics integration for tracking your site visitor statistics.
Personal Aarfie Support and Maintenance Services.
Advanced content management system. Update, edit and add to your site from anywhere at anytime.
Maintenance mode.
Aarfie Platform tools and functionality customised for your site.
Professional blog publishing system.
Automated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) including dynamic site map, optimised titles and meta, robots text and search engine pinging.
Data back up.
Site e-commerce integration.
6GB of high quality multi-media storage and support.

Domain Plan Features

Aarfie’s Site Plan includes all of the features of the Domain Plan, refer to support article What is the Domain Plan?

Low Maintenance / High Performance

Aarfie’s Site Plan is not like other site hosting solutions. It provides a complete custom and managed platform to power your web site. As a result all installation and technical maintenance is taken care of for you and all of the tools and requirements for a successful site are already in place and optimised.

This means instead of learning your way around convoluted hosting controls or working out what domain and hosting features you need, your site is ready to go and you can begin adding and editing content as soon as we hand over the keys.

Other hosting solutions focus on assigning the maximum number of sites to a fixed server and installation. In contrast, the Aarfie team focuses on the continued improvement of the hardware and software that makes up the Aarfie Platform and is passionate about exploring the latest technology to enhance and optimise your site usability, performance and security.

Content Management

Log in to your web-site from anywhere at any time and edit your site content via easy-to-use controls; no web coding or design knowledge required. An intuitive interface allows you to perform complex tasks, e.g. creating a photo gallery, inserting a video, creating a new page, inserting an online payment form, etc., with a few clicks of your mouse.

Edit Post Controls

Editing this article with the Aarfie Platform web-based controls

Custom Tools

The Site Plan provides the foundation for tools, tailored to your solution or Custom Project, to make managing your unique content even easier. If your project needs a specialised section, e.g. Portfolio, Glossary, Press Page, Location Listing, etc., with a Site Plan we can create a control section purpose-built for this content to make it as easy as possible for you to keep it updated and looking great.

We keep the control interface similar throughout your admin area, so once you’ve used one control section, the rest will feel immediately familiar and intuitive.

The World’s Best Blog Publishing Platform

With WordPress forming an integral part of the Aarfie Platform, the Site Plan gives you the world’s best blog publishing platform. With Aarfie’s Site Plan you can easily maintain any blog, from a simple diary to a professional-level, multi-category, multi-contributor business blog.

Unlimited Pages and Posts

Web pages and blog posts can be added with a click of the Publish button, and you can add as many as you need, save them as drafts to work on later, or schedule them to be automatically published at a later date.

Automated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The Site Plan automates your SEO, so all you need to focus on is your content. Aarfie’s Site Plan includes self-maintaining optimised, clean and valid code to ensure that search engines efficiently index your site. Sitemaps, robot.txt and page meta are auto-generated and major search engines are automatically notified when you update your site.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is integrated with every Aarfie hosted web space giving you the best tool for logging your site traffic details. At any time you can look up the amount of visitors to your site per day, the geographical location of those visitors, referring sites and much more.

Data Back Up

We back up the content and databases of the Aarfie Platform daily to help protect you from the pains of lost or corrupt data. We keep daily archives for the last month. Archives are isolated from the internet and secured against unauthorized access.

Quality Multi-Media Storage and Management

Other hosting solutions may offer “unlimited” storage, but with these solutions your site access will be restricted or periodically suspended once your resource use reaches a certain size, rendering “unlimited” storage nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

The Site Plan storage focuses on quality rather than impossible claims of “unlimited” storage. The Aarfie team is actively advancing the storage of multi-media on the Aarfie Platform to ensure that it is delivered as quickly as possible to site visitors.

The Site Plan provides 6GB of high quality multi-media storage space which has proven to well exceed the requirements of 95% of our customers. Your site controls include an easy to use interface for managing your multi-media files; unlike other hosting solutions that require FTP programs or out-dated web interfaces, with the Aarfie Platform interface you can upload, edit and delete your files with the same familiar controls you use to add a blog post or edit a page. You can even resize and crop your photos.

Media Library

Sorting media with the easy to use web-based controls

The Aarfie team promotes sensible management of online storage, rather than the “unlimited” mentality. Your multi-media storage controls allow you to sort, filter and easily delete unused files, keeping your storage space low. If you do find that you need more space, Aarfie can customise your Site Plan to suit.

Getting a Site Plan

A Site Plan is not a standalone product, and therefore does not need to be purchased separately. Where an Aarfie solution requires a Site Plan, you will either be prompted to set up the plan or an Aarfie team member will get in touch with you to arrange set up.

So all you need to do is browse the Aarfie Solutions to find one that suits your needs.

Last Modified: 30th December, 2010