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What is the Domain Plan?

The Domain Plan provides the essential tools and services for your domain. It is designed to compliment Aarfie’s solutions (e.g. Web Page, Domain and E-mail for Big Cartel, etc.) and will bring your-name.com branded URL’s and e-mails to your web space as well as some essential and powerful tools and services.

When a Domain Plan is required for your solution, you will either be prompted to set up the plan or an Aarfie team member will get in touch with you to arrange set up.


Domain Plan
Domain and hosting management: we control all the technical stuff, providing you with the easiest way to own a domain or web site – always up to date, optimised and secure without lifting a finger.
Domain registration (if a new domain is required) or integration with an already registered domain.
DNS as needed, e.g. we convert http://sitename.bigcartel.com to http://shop.sitename.com for you.
Up to 9 @sitename.com e-mail accounts with 7.5GB storage per account.
Web-mail, desktop and mobile device e-mail access.
E-mail account management; Aarfie Support manages and creates your e-mail accounts as needed.
Google Apps at your domain; create and share documents, calendars and more with your domain users and the public.
Google Analytics integration for tracking your site visitor statistics.
Personal Aarfie Support and Maintenance Services.
Single editable page; edit content, colours, fonts, header image, favicon and background.
Maintenance mode.

Registration Included

Aarfie’s Domain Plan can work with a domain you have already registered, or if you don’t have a domain, we register your new domain name for you at no additional cost and maintain the registration for as long as you keep your Domain Plan active.

Everything At Your Domain

Our Domain Plan gives you a custom web address for your various web tools, e.g. Big Cartel, Tumblr, e-mail, etc., that simply works.

Aarfie manages setup and maintenance of your domain, for as long as your plan is active, so it always does exactly what you need.

We’ll change your Big Cartel shop address from http://your-name.bigcartel.com to http://shop.your-name.com.

We’ll change your blog URL from http://your-name.tumblr.com to http://blog.your-name.com or similarly manage your domain records to incorporate other compatible web apps.

Editable Web Page

If you don’t need web app integration and/or you’re just after the e-mail features of the Domain Plan: you can use the included single editable page as a placeholder or coming-soon page for your domain or as your permanent home page that provides brief information and links to your other web apps / profiles.

Log in to your web page from anywhere at any time and edit the content or change the appearance and colour with a few clicks of your mouse.

Single Page Web Site Controls

Setting a web page title and style with the easy to use web-based controls

Google-Powered E-mail and Apps

Includes up to 9 @your-name.com e-mail accounts with 7.5GB storage per account.

Aarfie’s Domain Plan includes Google-powered e-mail at your domain address. Access your e-mail from anywhere via web-mail, desktop or mobile device.

We manage your e-mail accounts for you. So if you need a new e-mail address, let Aarfie know and we make it happen.

Google Apps, like Google Documents and Google Calendars allow you to create documents, files and scheduling at your domain and share them with your e-mail account users or the public.

Personal Support and Maintenance

With Aarfie’s Domain Plan you have full access to personal Aarfie Support and Maintenance Services.

Getting a Domain Plan

A Domain Plan is not a standalone product, and therefore does not need to be purchased separately. Where an Aarfie solution requires a Domain Plan, you will either be prompted to set up the plan or an Aarfie team member will get in touch with you to arrange set up.

So all you need to do is browse the Aarfie Solutions to find one that suits your needs.

Last Modified: 30th December, 2010