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What is the difference between Aarfie Maintenance and Support?

Aarfie’s maintenance service will be discontinued as of 20th June 2012 – refer to Aarfie Custom Web Development and Maintenance is Discontinued for more information.

We are a small team here at Aarfie, and to keep the business progressing it is important that we differentiate between the support and maintenance services we offer our customers.

Support is a free service and is simply defined as addressing or amending faults resulting directly from services, software or design previously provided by Aarfie. For Aarfie-hosted customers, support also includes maintaining, upgrading and improving the Aarfie platform that is the foundation for their site as well as performing server-side tasks such as creating new email addresses.

Maintenance is any Aarfie service supplied, at the customer’s request, that does not fall in to the above-described category of support and is not part of a quoted project or service.

A customer has updated one of their web pages to include photos and a video, but the page layout appears broken and content is unintelligible. After browsing the help and support resources the customer is unable to correct the issue, so they contact Aarfie Support.

Case 1: Aarfie Support finds that the issue can be corrected simply by the customer, with clear direction from Aarfie. In this case we provide direction to the customer as needed, as well as reference to any relevant support articles. In some cases we will even generate a new support article to assist the customer. The service provided by Aarfie is classified as Support and is free of charge.

Case 2: Aarfie Support finds that the issue is caused by a corrupt or incomplete line of code in the customer’s web site installation, and promptly corrects it. The service provided by Aarfie is classified as Support and is free of charge.

Case 3: Aarfie finds the cause of the issue was the customer’s incorrect use of video embedding tools. With the customer’s permission, Aarfie reformats and updates the page to correct the issue. The service provided by Aarfie is classified as Maintenance and is managed under the Maintenance tally system described below.

Maintenance includes any small-scale design/installation work a customer wishes Aarfie to perform for them, such as changing web site colours, changing fonts, adding logos, adding functionality, etc.

Maintenance also applies to support provided for products/services not created, provided or installed by Aarfie, products/services not hosted by Aarfie or any support services in excess of “fair use” as described in our variations policy.

How We Manage Maintenance

We are very fair when it comes to classifying maintenance hours. In most cases we typically classify at least a portion of provided maintenance hours as support (i.e. free of charge).

We also realise that learning how your web site works can sometimes be daunting, especially when you are first taking control of your installation. This is why our new customers (Aarfie-hosted customers only) receive a 1 hour maintenance credit. This gives them full access to Aarfie’s support and maintenance services and the opportunity to experience how we allocate maintenance hours before they incur any costs.

How We Bill Maintenance

As we provide our customers with ongoing services we keep a tally of the hours that have been classified as maintenance. When time (hours or part thereof) is added to a customer’s maintenance tally, a notice is sent to them detailing the amount of time and the maintenance work associated with it.

Once a customer’s tally reaches 4 hours, Aarfie will bill that customer based upon Aarfie's current hourly rates and reset their tally to zero.

Every 3 months Aarfie will invoice all customers’ current maintenance tallies to reset all to zero.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding maintenance or support, want to find out your current maintenance tally or query recent maintenance hours, please contact Aarfie Support.

Last Modified: 1st June, 2012