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What is the Aarfie Platform?

The Aarfie Platform is the high-grade managed web servers and software that provide the foundation for all web sites developed by Aarfie.

The Aarfie Platform includes a powerful content management system based upon a core installation of WordPress. WordPress is an open source blog publishing application and content management system used on millions of web sites around the world and a tool that is dearly loved by the Aarfie team.

Aaarfie’s own custom engine, called Brikkie, is integrated with the core WordPress installation to form the complete content management system.

Adding a Page

Adding a new web page on the Aarfie Platform is as simple as clicking "Add New"

The Aarfie Platform provides its hosted sites with numerous features that set it apart as a high-end, all-encompassing solution as detailed in the Why Aarfie? feature list and the Why should I move my site to the Aarfie Platform? and Why does Aarfie only design web sites for their own platform? support articles.

Last Modified: 29th December, 2010