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What do I need to get my web space started?

Following are some of the items you may require for your web space. Even if you are not ready to start a project with Aarfie, you can still add these items to your web tools for little to no cost and benefit from them now.

We strongly recommend you jump in an try these tools out, get familiar with them and have them ready to use when needed.

Modern Standards Web Browser and E-Mail Software

Aarfie passionately encourages the use of modern standards web browsers and e-mail applications for their critical role in advancing the web and greatly improving your web experience.

Please take a moment to read both the Aarfie Support articles Choosing the right web browser and Which desktop application should I use to read and manage my e-mail?.

PayPal Account

If you intend to sell products and/or services online then you need a PayPal account. But even if you don’t have products, a PayPal account can be an invaluable tool for both accepting and making payments easily and securely across the internet.

If Aarfie is providing you with a domain or site management plan, then you will also require a PayPal account to set up automated monthly payments (refer support article What do Aarfie's plans cost?).

Aarfie recommends and uses PayPal exclusively for online payment management because it is the most trusted payment gateway in the world, and provides the highest level of security and protection for both the payer and the payee.

It is free to start a PayPal account, so sign up for one now and take it for a test drive.

Click here for a step by step guide to getting a PayPal account.

Big Cartel Account

If you are selling products online, Big Cartel is the online shop platform that will manage your product information, pricing and inventory and provide the foundation for your online shop.

Aarfie recommends and uses Big Cartel exclusively as it is the easiest to use, and best value for money e-commerce platform in the world and the Big Cartel development team (Indie Labs) supports individuals, artist, crafters and small businesses with the same passion as Aarfie does.

IMPORTANT: A PayPal account is required for Big Cartel, so you must first create a PayPal account before you create your Big Cartel account.

It is free to start a Big Cartel Gold account, so sign up for one now and take it for a test drive.

Click here for a step by step guide to getting a Big Cartel account.

Note that Aarfie’s themes (unless stated otherwise) and most custom projects will require a Platinum or higher Big Cartel account, however you can safely start with a free Gold account now to get familiar with Big Cartel and then upgrade your account later, when needed.


Aarfie’s solutions are designed to elevate your web space while also making it significantly easier to maintain. Aarfie can bring your-name.com branded URL’s and e-mails as well as powerful tools and services to your web space. We recommend Aarfie’s products if you wish to step up your web space functionality and/or improve your identity, professionalism and visibility on the web.

Browse the Get Started page or the Aarfie Theme Shop to see if there is a solution that suits your web space needs.

We also recommend that you review the article What you should know about Aarfie before working with us

Last Modified: 8th January, 2011