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What are Aarfie’s rates?

Project Rate: $50.00 per hour

This rate applies to all non-quoted project work as well as maintenance work carried out for customers that are not hosted on the Aarfie platform.

Maintenance Rate: $30.00 per hour

This rate applies to all maintenance work for customers hosted on the Aarfie platform. Refer to the support article What is the difference between Aarfie Maintenance and Support? for more information.

Rate Changes

Aarfie will adjust the above rates from time to time in response to shifts in the market and the costs of business. Any amendment to the rates shall automatically be effective on the date that the amendment is published in this article. It is the customer’s responsibility to return to this article from time to time to review the most current rates. Aarfie does not and will not assume any obligation to notify you of changes to the rates. Refer to our Pricing and Fees policy for more information.

Last Modified: 28th December, 2010