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How do I use my domain name for my 3rd party web application?

If you already have a Domain Plan or Site Plan with Aarfie, your domain name system management is handled by Aarfie. Simply contact Aarfie Support, or contact your Aarfie representative directly, and let them know the address of the web app you want to incorporate into your domain, for example:


and the URL you would like to change this to, for example:


Note that the URL you change to must be in the format,


Please ensure the above information is included in your message to Aarfie.

Note that your domain is set up to allow a Tumblr blog at http://blog.my-domain-name.com by default. Refer to support article How do I add a Tumblr blog to my site?

Last Modified: 24th February, 2011

This support article relates to Extra Features and Tools available to owners of an Aarfie Web Page or Aarfie Web Site.