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How do I transfer my domain registration to Aarfie?

To transfer your domain registration to Aarfie you must use your current domain registrar controls and support services to ensure the following BEFORE contacting Aarfie Support:

  1. Your domain is not: a. within sixty (60) days of initial registration b. within fourteen (14) days of expiration. Registrar transfers CANNOT be completed in either of these cases. These are limitations put in place by the governmental agency that regulates domains, ICANN.
  2. Your domain name is unlocked. For more information on this, please refer to your current registrar support.
  3. You have your domain 'authorization code' or 'EPP Code'. Different registrars use different names for this, but it is generally the same thing. This should have been issued when you registered your domain name. If not, please contact your current registrar to obtain it.
  4. You have your domain registry key for your domain, if available. Some registrars may not have this key.
  5. Disable domain privacy (if you have this service).
  6. You have access to the domain admin email address. This email address will be listed as the Admin Email contact in your WhoIs details. If you do not have access to this email address, please update it before you contact Aarfie regarding your transfer.

    Check Your Domain WhoIs Information - scroll to bottom of results for Admin Email

After you have checked and confirmed ALL of the items above, contact Aarfie Support or contact your Aarfie Representative, and request a transfer. You must include your domain name, your EPP Code and your registry key (if available) in your request details.

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Last Modified: 23rd July, 2012