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How do I link to a file from my page?

Upload Your File

Before linking to your file from your web page, you will need to upload it to a publicly accessible location on the internet. If you do not already have such a location, refer to support article How do I upload images or files for my web page?

You should now have a public URL for your file, e.g. http://www.adobe.com/pdf/pdfs/ISO32000-1PublicPatentLicense.pdf.

Link To Your File

To link to your file, you will need to write a HTML link tag into your content editor (i.e. your single page Body Text field or your Big Cartel page editor) incorporating your file’s public URL as follows:

<a href="Z">Click here to visit Z</a>

Where Z = the destination URL for the link, e.g. http://aarfiesx.com/, and “Click here to visit Z” could be any text you want to convert to link text. Note that the link tag must be closed with </a>.

In our case the destination URL is our file URL so our complete code now becomes:

<a href="http://www.adobe.com/pdf/pdfs/ISO32000-1PublicPatentLicense.pdf">Adobe Systems Incorporated Public Patent License</a>

If you want your file to open in a new window, you can set the link tag’s target attribute to blank as follows:

<a href="http://www.adobe.com/pdf/pdfs/ISO32000-1PublicPatentLicense.pdf" target="_blank">Adobe Systems Incorporated Public Patent License</a>

Note that blank begins with an underscore, i.e. _blank.

Last Modified: 30th January, 2011