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How do I control the page navigation in my Big Cartel shop?

If you purchased or upgraded your Big Cartel theme after 29th November 2011, please refer to Aarcade Support instead of the following article.

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Custom Page Order

Your Big Cartel Page links will be shown in the same order you add your custom pages. There are no controls to re-order your pages, and therefore your page navigation, after you have added a page.

If you need to re-order existing pages, you must copy out your page content, delete your pages, re-add the pages in the order you desire and finally paste the original page content back in place.

You can further manipulate the order of your page navigation menu by:

  1. Adding external / custom links
  2. Using Advanced Page Navigation Management as described in the following sections

Advanced Page Navigation Management

IMPORTANT: Not all of Aarfie’s themes allow advanced page navigation control. Please check your theme readme file to ensure your theme includes Aarfie’s Advanced Page Navigation Management before proceeding with the following instructions.

Add Custom Pages

Add new custom pages as required, per support article How do I add a page to my Big Cartel shop?, before editing page names for page navigation control.

It is important to use standard page names when first adding a new page, as this is when the page URL is set. You can then apply name editing for navigation control without affecting your page URL.

How Advanced Page Navigation Management Works

Aarfie’s Advanced Page Navigation Management allows you to exclude page links from your shop navigation, as well as move page links from your main page menu to your footer menu.

This control is achieved by simply adding a prefix to your page name after it has been successfully created.

Applicable Pages

Navigate to your Design > Pages admin section to view your page list.

Aarfie’s Advanced Page Navigation Management only applies to the Contact page and your custom pages. Do not apply this system to any other core theme pages, i.e. Layout, Home, Products, etc.

Navigation Control Pages

The correct pages to be used with Advanced Page Navigation Management

Excluding Page Links

To exclude a page link from your shop navigation menus:

  1. Click the title of the page you wish to exclude
  2. Add the prefix “x ” to the page name (note the space after the x)
  3. Click the Save button
Excluding a Page

Excluding the Stockists page link by adding the prefix 'x ' to the page name

Moving Page Links to the Footer

To move a page link to your shop’s footer navigation menu:

  1. Click the title of the page you wish to exclude
  2. Add the prefix “f ” to the page name (note the space after the f)
  3. Click the Save button
Moving a Page Link to the Footer

Moving the FAQ page link to the footer by adding the prefix 'f ' to the page name

Last Modified: 17th June, 2011

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