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How do I assign a menu to a theme location?

When you have not assigned menus to your theme locations you will be presented with the message “Please assign a menu to theme location “X” – see admin Appearance > Menus” – where X is the theme location name.

Note that only you can see this message, because you are the site administrator and you are logged in to your site.

Assigning Menus to Theme Locations

Assign Menu to Theme Location

  1. Navigate to your Web Site Appearance > Menus admin area
  2. Use the + tab to add new menus as required
  3. Add items to your new menus using the Custom Links and Pages controls
  4. Drag, drop and edit your new menu items as required
  5. Always Save Menu after any changes
  6. Assign your menus to your Web Site theme locations

Note that you can assign an empty menu to a location if you do not want any navigation items to be displayed for that particular location.

After assigning a menu to a location, you can then easily make changes to that menu in the future by repeating steps C, D and F above.

IMPORTANT: If you are linking to your shop, we recommend that you set your shop URL in the Settings > Commerce admin area. You can then enter #shoplink as the URL in the Custom Link controls.

Linking to your Shop

Your menu link will then be automatically updated any time you make a change to your shop URL in the Settings > Commerce admin area.

Last Modified: 4th May, 2010