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How do I allocate my domain management to Aarfie?

If your domain is already registered elsewhere you will need to allocate your domain management to Aarfie using one of the following options.

Option 1: Nameserver Change

You can maintain your domain registration as it is and simply point it towards Aarfie’s nameserver, allowing us to take over management of your domain.

The benefits of this option are:

  • No transfer delay, means your domain set up is completed in less time
  • No additional steps required other than nameserver setting change

To proceed with the option, simply update your domain nameserver settings to:

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:
Nameserver 3:
Nameserver 4:
Nameserver 5:


These settings can be changed via the control panel provided by your current domain registrar. If you are having difficulty making these changes, you may need to contact your registrar directly.

Important Note: Some registrars may issue a warning, when changing the nameserver settings, regarding loss of e-mail or other domain functions. This is normal, as Aarfie’s service will be replacing these functions. If you do have existing content or e-mail at your domain, you should back-up any files (via ftp) or messages (refer support article How do I back up my e-mail messages?) you wish to keep.

Additional Reference:

Option 2: Domain Transfer

You can transfer your domain registration to Aarfie, allowing us to take over management of your domain.

The benefits of this option are:

  • Consolidate domain costs (once your transfer is complete you can cancel your current domain registration account)

Note that most domain plans will allow for the transfer and ongoing registration of your domain without any change to your subscription cost. If you are unsure of the additional cost, feel free to contact Aarfie Support regarding your plan.

To proceed with the option, refer to support article How do I transfer my domain registration to Aarfie?

Last Modified: 22nd November, 2011