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How do I add my Facebook, Twitter and other social links to my page?

Your Single Page Web Site includes shortcode capability for certain items. Shortcode allows you to create HTML code for your site by entering an abbreviated tag enclosed in square brackets.

To display your social links on your web page you can write the social shortcode into your content editor (i.e. your single page Body Text field) as follows:

[socialshort facebook="http://facebook.com/me" twitter="http://twitter.com/me"]

Which will result in:

You can similarly add links for “rss”, “newsletter”, “tumblr”, “flickr”, “youtube”, “vimeo” and “skype”. For example:

[socialshort newsletter="http://mailchimp.com/sign-up" tumblr="http://tumblr.com/" skype="myskypename"]

Results in:

Refer to the socialshort shortcode instructions for more information.

Last Modified: 31st May, 2011