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How do I add a product subcategory to my Big Cartel shop?

If you purchased or upgraded your Big Cartel theme after 29th November 2011, please refer to Aarcade Support instead of the following article.

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IMPORTANT: Not all of Aarfie’s themes allow Big Cartel subcategories. Please check your theme readme file to ensure your theme includes Aarfie’s Advanced Category Management System before proceeding with the following instructions. See shop.jonknoxstudio.com for a working example of Aarfie’s subcategory system.

1. A Big Cartel subcategory is added in much the same way a normal category is added. Follow the instruction provided by support article How do I add a product category to my Big Cartel shop? up to step 5, “Enter your new category name…”.

2. Before entering your subcategory name, first identify the Parent Category, i.e. the category under which your new subcategory will be located. For example, let’s say our Parent Category is Clothing.

Big Cartel Subcategories

Products must always be added to the Parent Category, so we have checked Clothing accordingly in our example.

3. A new category added using the standard process (refer How do I add a product category to my Big Cartel shop?) will becomes a subcategory if we simply follow the subcategory naming structure:

Parent Category Name - Subcategory Name

IMPORTANT: Note that the parent category name must be written exactly as it appears in the category list and the parent and subcategory names must be separated by ” - ” (note the space either side of the hyphen).

So if the subcategory we wish to add in our example is Pants, then the name we enter will be:

Clothing - Pants

Pants Subcategory Big Cartel

Adding the subcategory 'Pants' to the parent category 'Clothing'

It is good practice to drag your new subcategory to group it with the parent category.

Reorder Subcategories

Dragging your new subcategory to group with your parent category

4. Finally, check the subcategory to assign it to the current product.

Big Cartel Subcategories

Our product is added to the pants subcategory

Always click the Save button at the bottom of your page edit controls when you are finished adding subcategories.

Last Modified: 30th December, 2010

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