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How do I add a link from my Big Cartel shop back to my web site or blog?

If you purchased or upgraded your Big Cartel theme after 29th November 2011, please refer to Aarcade Support instead of the following article.

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Navigate to the Store > Settings section of your shop admin, scroll down to the Domains control section and enter your web site or blog URL in the Website field.

Adding A Web Site Link In Big Cartel

Adding the URL for a link back to your web site or blog in Big Cartel

The Website setting does not relate to your shop’s domain settings or your shop location, so you can change this field without affecting your current shop set up.

Important: Do not change your Store domain or Store subdomain settings.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the Settings page once you have entered your URL.

Altering Link Text

Once you have entered your URL, the link will be displayed in your shop’s navigation with the default text “Back to Site” or “Home”.

To customise this text, navigate to the Design > Pages section of your shop admin and click the page titleĀ Layout to use your Custom Options – refer article How do I use the Custom Options for my Big Cartel theme?

Locate the custom option:

{% assign website_link_text = 'Back to Site' %} {{ *See NOTE 4 }}

or, depending upon your theme:

{% assign website_link_text = 'Home' %} {{ *See NOTE 4 }}

and change the text to suit your preference, for example:

{% assign website_link_text = 'Our Blog' %} {{ *See NOTE 4 }}

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page once you have finished editing your Custom Options.

Adding Further Links

To add further external links to your page or shop category navigation, refer to support article How do I add custom links to my Big Cartel theme menus?

Last Modified: 28th December, 2010

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