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How do I add a blog to my Big Cartel shop?

If you purchased or upgraded your Big Cartel theme after 29th November 2011, please refer to Aarcade Support instead of the following article.

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Option 1: Link To Your Blog

Our recommended method for quickly incorporating a blog with your Big Cartel shop is to simply link to your blog in your shop navigation. If you do not currently have a blog, you can create a blog for free now using our favourite hosted blog app Tumblr.

Tumblr includes thousands of free themes, many of which are minimalist design that will match well with your Aarfie Big Cartel theme. Some great examples of such themes are those created by minimalistco.

By linking to your blog, all of the features and functions of your blog remain available to your visitor. Incorporating a 3rd party blog into your web space in this manner has become a common and accepted practice, even for larger businesses. Just be sure that your blog includes visible links back to your shop.

How to…

Once you have your blog set up, you can then link to your blog in your shop navigation by adding it to the Website field in your Big Cartel Store > Settings admin page. The Website field can be found in the Domains section of this admin page.

Enter the full URL of your blog, including the http:// part of your URL.

Enter Your Blog URL In Your Big Cartel Admin

Enter your Blog URL in your Big Cartel store settings

Once you have added your blog URL and clicked the Save button at the bottom of the settings page, the navigation to your blog will be displayed in your shop navigation with the default link text “Back to Site”.

With an Aarfie theme you can use your custom options to change this text. Refer to support article How do I use the Custom Options for my Big Cartel theme? for assistance in accessing your primary custom options. You can then change your website_link_text custom option to suit. For example:

{% assign website_link_text = 'Our Blog' %} {{ *See NOTE 4 }}

Option 2: Import Your Blog

This is our least preferred option for adding a blog to your shop because only your latest post content is displayed to your visitor. Control over design is limited and important blog features are lost, such as commenting, archive navigation, searching, etc.

This option also duplicates your blog content on the web, creating two locations where people can discover your blog. This reduces the focus on both locations and can also confuse the visitor if they discover one location and then the other.

However, if having your blog content within your shop layout is your biggest priority and you feel the issues mentioned above are not critical, then importing your blog may be a suitable option for you.

How to…

If you wish to import your blog, please refer to the Big Cartel support article Adding a blog.

Aarfie’s Big Cartel themes will work fine with this method, however they do not include any coding specifically for the styling of your imported blog entries. In some cases you may wish to add custom style codes to fine tune your imported blog appearance, see support article How do I customise my web space?

Option 3: Aarfie Domain Plan

This option is identical to option 1 above, with additional functionality to change your blog URL to your own domain name. For example:




An Aarfie Domain Plan also allows you to change your shop URL in a similar manner, provides you with e-mail accounts at your domain and more – all managed for you by Aarfie Support.

If you already have a custom domain for your shop, you do not need an Aarfie Domain Plan. You can add a custom domain for your blog using your existing domain controls and the relevant support article provided by your blog app, for example Tumblr’s Using a custom domain name article.

How to…

To get a Domain Plan for your Big Cartel shop, purchase Domain & E-mail For Big Cartel from the Aarfie Shop.

Last Modified: 5th December, 2012

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