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How do I access my Google Apps?

Your Google Apps can be accessed via your domain, in the following format:

  • Email → http://mail.your-domain-name.com
  • Docs → http://docs.your-domain-name.com
  • Calendar → http://calendar.your-domain-name.com
  • Sites → http://sites.your-domain-name.com
  • Contacts → http://www.google.com/contacts/a/your-domain-name.com

Use the above URL’s but replace your-domain-name.com with your domain name. For example: Aarfie’s Google Docs is located at http://docs.aarfiesx.com

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Last Modified: 22nd February, 2011

This support article relates to Extra Features and Tools available to owners of an Aarfie Web Page or Aarfie Web Site.