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How do I access my e-mail with a desktop application?

Which Application?

Please read the support article Which desktop application should I use to read and manage my e-mail? for our recommendations on e-mail desktop applications.

IMAP Protocol

Although your domain’s e-mail system allows the POP protocol, we strongly recommend that your e-mail application be set up for IMAP protocol. Please read the support article What is the difference between POP and IMAP, and which one should I use? for more information.

Enable IMAP

You must first enable IMAP before attempting to use a desktop application to access and manage your e-mail. To enable IMAP:

  1. Log in to your web mail as described in the support article How do I access my e-mail?
  2. Click Settings at the top right of any of your web mail pages
  3. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  4. Select Enable IMAP
  5. Click Save Changes

IMAP Settings

You can use the following information to set up your e-mail access with most popular e-mail desktop applications. This is generally done by proceeding to the Preferences, Settings or Tools section of your e-mail application and using the add account function.

Account Type (also called Protocol) IMAP
Incoming Mail Server imap.gmail.com
Incoming Mail Server Options Use SSL: Yes
Port: 993
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server smtp.gmail.com
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server Options Use Authentication: Yes
Use STARTTLS (also called SSL): Yes
Port: 465 or 587
User Name
(also called Account Name)
i.e. your full e-mail address (including @your_domain.com)
E-mail Address username@your_domain.com
i.e. your full e-mail address (including @your_domain.com)
Password your e-mail password as provided by your Aarfie contact or Aarfie support
IMPORTANT: If you changed your password via your web mail interface, as recommended by Aarfie Support, then use your new password here and not the original one provided by Aarfie

If you’re having trouble sending e-mail but you’ve confirmed that encyrption is active for SMTP in your e-mail application, try to configure your SMTP server on a different port: 465 or 587.

Keep A Local Copy

Using the IMAP protocol means that you are managing your e-mail messages directly on your e-mail sever via your desktop application. However, most desktop applications will allow you to keep a copy of all e-mail messages on your computer. Please ensure this setting has been activated. This will allow you to access messages while offline and also provide an additional measure of back up data protection.

IMAP Keep Copies In Apple Mail

From the "Accounts" section of Mail Preferences: select the account, select the "Advanced" tab, ensure that "Keep copies..." is set to "All messages and their attachments", save changes

Thunderbird IMAP Keep Local Copy Of Messages

From "Tools" > "Account Settings...": select 'Synchronisation & Storage' under your e-mail account, ensure "Keep messages for this account on this computer' is checked, ensure other settings are as shown and click "OK"

Additional Reference

Last Modified: 11th April, 2013