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Do I need Big Cartel if I have an Etsy Shop?

If you purchased or upgraded your Big Cartel theme after 29th November 2011, please refer to Aarcade Support instead of the following article.

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If you are selling on Etsy, starting your own Big Cartel shop is the perfect way to take your business to the next level. Like moving a business from the markets to a dedicated street-front shop, Big Cartel provides you with your very own shop space to brand and style the way you want.

With a Big Cartel shop:

  • You have your own shop space to drive visitors to, without losing their focus to a shared community.
  • You have complete control over the branding and styling of your shop; strengthening and growing your business identity.
  • Stronger built-in SEO provides a better opportunity for increasing your web presence.
  • You can present your products and services the way you want; improving the uniqueness and impact of your shop.
  • Your shop is not restricted by community regulations and strict product category guidelines; you define what you sell and the direction of your business.
  • Your customer’s checkout experience is secure and efficient. There is no membership sign up or other requirements that hinder the process or increase the chances of abandoned carts.
  • Big Cartel accounts are either free or a fixed low cost per month; there are no transaction fees which means your sales can grow while your shop costs remain the same.

Get Started

If you’re curious about Big Cartel, jump in and try it! You can test drive a new Big Cartel account for free. Refer to our step by step guidelines for getting your own Web Shop started.

Do I Still Need Etsy?

If your Etsy store remains active and successful, there’s no reason why you can’t maintain both a Big Cartel and an Etsy shop.

Last Modified: 27th September, 2010

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