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Do I need a web site if I have a Big Cartel shop?

If you purchased or upgraded your Big Cartel theme after 29th November 2011, please refer to Aarcade Support instead of the following article.

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Using solely a Big Cartel shop account to power your project is suitable for many cases, however adding a web site brings advanced features that may be worth the additional cost, depending upon your requirements.

Because your shop and its product controls remain the same with or without a web site, your need for a web site is determined by your requirements of the pages that you want to coexist with your core shop.

Generally speaking, if you only require a few pages outside of your shop with simple text content that will be updated infrequently, then you probably don’t need a web site. Such pages might include a contact, about and FAQ page.

On the other hand, if your web space requires more complex sections like a blog or press page, then adding a web site is your best option.

Adding a web site to your project requires a Web Site Plan. You may also choose to have a custom built web site; refer to our custom project section for an indication of pricing.

Use the following table to help you decide.

Big Cartel Shop Big Cartel Shop and Aarfie Web Site
The world’s easiest to use shop and product management with Big Cartel.
Unlimited custom pages allowed. Content is entered as plain text and adding styling requires at least basic HTML and CSS knowledge. Unlimited custom pages allowed. Content can be added easily via web-based controls and styled with no HTML or CSS knowledge required.
Limited page content management system means special purpose pages need to be coded and updated manually. Flexible content management system means special purpose pages (e.g. portfolio, press, etc.) can be maintained with minimal effort and no coding required.
Inserting media (e.g. images) into your pages requires uploading of your media to a 3rd party storage service and HTML coding to display the media within your page. Media can be uploaded and inserted in-house within your page edit controls; no coding required. Your site includes media tools for sorting, editing and naming your files.
Does not include a blog. You can use a 3rd party blog application (e.g. Tumblr) and link to it from your shop. With a Domain & E-mail For Big Cartel you can display your blog at http://blog.your-name.com/ Provides a professional-level blog at your domain, with tightly integrated look and navigation with your shop. Maximises the “one-site” feel of your web space and provides powerful tools for creating and sorting blog posts.
Includes basic dynamic site map and SEO that you can set and forget. Includes advanced dynamic site map and SEO that you can set and forget. The Aarfie Platform provides significantly higher SEO for your non-shop content.
Achieving advanced functionality is limited by Big Cartel’s platform. Removes the limitations on creating custom solutions for your project. Advanced functionality can be developed to suit your needs.

Last Modified: 6th June, 2011

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