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Can I install themes and plugins on an Aarfie Web Site?

We do not allow the installation of standard WordPress themes and plugins on the Aarfie Platform.

The Aarfie Platform does include a modified WordPress installation, however all key functionality is developed and maintained by Aarfie. This is how we create a premium environment that we can secure, maintain, upgrade and predictably move forward.


The Aarfie Platform is based on a single theme we call Uptown WS. This theme grew from our most popular Big Cartel theme. It well reflects Aarfie’s passion for clean and minimal design coupled with approachable and user-friendly interface.

We have built a massive amount of power and flexibility into this theme, including easy colour and font customisation and custom CSS capability. With these tools and our ever-growing Shortcode library, vastly different site appearances can be achieved.

Aarfie’s short-term goal is to continue to improve our single theme and expand the flexibility and functionality to benefit all of our customers.

Our long-term goal is to steadily expand our available custom themes. Our customers will be able to choose from a growing pool of premium themes without any additional cost. Previewing and changing web site themes will be done easily via the customer’s site admin.


The Aarfie Platform‘s built-in functionality covers everything we feel is vital for a premium web site. We continue to expand the functionality of Aarfie Sites as well as the advanced in-content tools available via Shortcodes.

Expanding the Platform

We are extremely passionate about the continued expansion of the capabilities of our platform in all areas (functionality, performance, security, etc.) and making every improvement available to all of our customers. This is why we moved our site development to a platform and away from stand-alone sites.

Custom Appearance and Functionality

If you have a modification or feature that you wish to see at your site, and you can not achieve it using your site’s built-in tools, please contact Aarfie Support or contact your Aarfie Representative. We will let you know if we can implement it either as no-charge platform addition or a maintenance service specifically for your site.

For more information on customising your site, refer to support article How do I customise my web space?

Last Modified: 25th May, 2011