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An introduction to your Web Site

Logging In

Aarfie will provide your site log in details to you via e-mail as part of your site handover. These details will consist of:

  • Your site log in URL – typically in the format http://your-site-name.com/wp-admin/
  • Your username
  • Your password

To log in to your site admin, go to your log in URL and enter your username and password.

If you check the “Remember Me” option before logging in, this will keep you logged in to your site between sessions on your computer. You should not check this option if you are using someone else’s computer.

A “lost your password?” link is also provided on this page for you to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Admin Controls and Help

When you log in to your site admin for the first time, you will notice that the main navigation for your admin area is provided via a left side navigation bar. The controls in your admin area include descriptions and are very clear and easy to use.

To learn more about any of the controls, help is always available at the top right of your admin area. The documentation linked from help is extremely useful and changes according to the control page you are on. You can also open the Aarfie Support site by using the link in the footer of your admin area.

We refer to a top level section as a “main-menu”, and we use the ” >” to denote a sub-section of a main-menu, i.e. “sub-menu”. For example: The Appearance > Menus controls are used to edit your site navigation items.

Your First Log In

During your first log in, you should carry out the following items:

  • Proceed to the Users main-menu, select your profile and fill out your profile information. Note that current and accurate profile information is required, and your site will not go live until this information has been entered.
  • Remaining at your profile page, personalise your access password using the controls at the bottom of your profile page. Please ensure that your password strength indicator shows “strong” to ensure maximum security.
  • Click the Update Profile button once your changes are complete.
  • Proceed to the Settings > General sub-menu, edit your Site Title, Tagline and date settings then click the Save Changes button. Your Site Title and Tagline will be used in the HTML title of your web page and, in some cases, your site header. Note that your Tagline is optional and you can leave this field blank to omit it from your HTML title and header.
  • Proceed to the Settings > General sub-menu to edit and save:
    • Your Site Description: enter a brief description of your site. Make it accurate and captivating as this is the description that will be displayed in Google searches when no specific page description is available.
    • Google Analytics ID: If you wish to log the traffic to your site, enter your Google Analytics code in accordance with the instructions provided.

Your initial site set up is complete. You can now browse your admin area and use your admin help links (top right of page), and the following support articles in this category, to become familiar with your site’s admin menus.

Don’t forget that Aarfie Support is here to provide domain management for your new site. For our primary management services refer to:

Last Modified: 3rd March, 2011