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Aarfie Custom Web Development and Maintenance is Discontinued

On the 3rd of October 2011 we officially announced the end of custom web development projects for Aarfie. As part of our next step in reshaping Aarfie into a simple domain and web host service, and in line with the removal of custom web development from our projects, we will soon be discontinuing our maintenance service as well.

Aarfie’s maintenance service (refer to What is the difference between Aarfie Maintenance and Support?) will be discontinued as of 20th June 2012

Note that this means we are discontinuing ALL custom web design, development and maintenance services, including all such services for custom Big Cartel shops.

We have provided the following FAQ’s to address any queries our existing customers may have regarding these changes.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation to all of those that have trusted us with the development and maintenance of their web space. As we find the best path forward for our small team, we hope to continue to work with you and to develop tools and services useful in the growth of your business and your happiness.

- the Featherweight team

How will this affect my current Aarfie service?

Your current Aarfie services (including domain registration, web hosting, e-mail accounts, etc.) will continue exactly as they are. You can contact us, as always, for assistance with anything relating to the use of these services.

What if I need web design services or something changed at my web site?

If the change you require is to address something working incorrectly at your site then Aarfie will resolve the issue under our continued support services.

If the change you require can be achieved using your existing site tools, then Aarfie will provide support to enable you to perform the changes yourself.

For other general web design or site changes (that previously would have been covered by our maintenance service) you will need to employ the services of a web design / developer. In this case, please note:

  1. A good place to look for web developers is at the various sites they use to obtain work – see 15+ Great Ways to Find Web Design and Development Work.
  2. For web development services specific to your Big Cartel shop, refer to Big Cartel’s List of Recommended Developers.
  3. Once you find a suitable web developer, we will need to set up their secure access to your site’s back end. To do this, simply contact us and we will apply the necessary changes.
  4. We are happy to answer any questions your web developer has regarding your site’s existing coding and design to help them get familiar with your set up.
  5. Some web developers prefer to work on their own platform and / or with their own hosting solution. If you decide to move your site for this reason, we are happy to work with you and your developer to ensure the smoothest possible transfer of your site and its content.

What are my options for the future?

You can choose to stick with your current Aarfie services, as they are, for as long as you wish. As we continue to re-shape our business and make working projects out of our ideas, we hope to provide more products and services that you may choose to compliment or replace those you currently enjoy.

For example: Our Big Cartel theme project (Aarcade) is the first to be fully functional under our new development structure. A customer with an Aarfie web site and Big Cartel integrated web space recently decided to take advantage of the new Aarcade products and services by moving all of his web space to an Aarcade themed Big Cartel shop.

Also remember that we value your flexibility and freedom. If you decide that our services are not for you at any time, we’re here to help you move your web site and content to its new home.

Stay tuned to our updates site for news on additions and changes to our projects.

Last Modified: 5th December, 2012